The Code of Practice is in the process of being revised to reflect the EU law on country of origin labelling for fresh and frozen pork that is in force from 1 April 2015. More information is available here.
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN  Retail Labelling - Code of Practice
The country of origin of pork and the pork used in processed products will be clearly displayed on the front of the packet. If this is not practical due to label size or extended origin descriptions the country of origin will be clearly displayed on the side or back of the packet. For products not sold pre-packed a country of origin statement will be displayed in close proximity to the product concerned.
Single country of origin declarations mean that the pig used to produce the pork or pork product was born, reared and slaughtered in that country.

Using flag and Quality logos Example
“Origin country x”
“Country y bacon”
Where a country of origin is stated and the pig is born, reared or slaughtered in more than one country then additional information will be provided on the pack. This will be either a) a statement of each of the countries involved; or b) the country where the pigs were born or reared (farmed) will be stated.

“Country x pork from pigs born in country y and reared / farmed in country z”
“Country x pork from pigs reared in country y”
“Bacon from country x from pigs reared in country y”
“Country x pork from pigs born in country y”
The terms “Produced in the UK” and “Packed in the UK” can be ambiguous about origin if not qualified and so will not be used in isolation. The country or countries of origin will be clearly stated.

Uses qualifying statement. Example
“Produced in the UK using pork from country X”
“Made in the UK using country x and country y pork”
“Packed in the UK using pork from country x”
Pork products such as sausages, ham and pork pies can sometimes be made with pork from a number of different countries. In such cases the countries of origin will be stated or the EU will be the declared origin

Back of label states that this product is produced using pork from the EU for Tesco. Example
“made with pork from country x and country y”
“made with imported pork”
“made with pork sourced from the EU”
“made with pork from a number of EU countries”
“made with pork from country x, country y or country z”
Statements of origin containing a list of possible countries that includes the UK such as “Produced using pork from country a, b, c or UK” has the potential to mislead consumers that the product could be entirely or predominantly of UK origin. Therefore this will not be used.
Where national terms and symbols (such as flags or logos containing flags) such as Great British Classics are used as part of the description of processed pork products then this means that the ingredients that characterise the product (such as bacon or the pork in pork pies) and all of the main production/manufacturing processes associated with the product originated within that place or country.

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Q. Will branded pork products be covered?
A. It is open to all manufacturers of branded pork products...
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