Consumer research


Institute of grocery distribution

The IGD has produced several articles relating to consumer attitudes to food labelling.  Highlights include:  

  • The majority of consumers actively look for some information about products they buy when food shopping. Only 5% claim not to look for any information
  • Nearly two-thirds (64%) of the population are “very” or “quite” confident that they understand the information presented to them on food labels.
  • 22% of the population are “not very” or “not at all” confident about their understanding of information on food labels. Lack of confidence is mainly related to:
    • lack of knowledge about information presented
    • lack of trust in the information presented
  • The country of origin of a product is in the top ten factors when shoppers make a purchasing decision
  • One in five shoppers say that knowing all of the ingredients in a food product is the primary consideration in making a purchasing decision


The full articles can be viewed on the IDG website

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