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BPEX conducted a review of the labelling of country of origin of pork and pork products in 2009.  The report updated the work carried out by BPEX in 2006 to examine the efficacy of country of origin labelling of pork and pork products available on retailers’ shelves.  

Key findings include:

  • Improvements in clarity of labelling vs. 2006 survey amongst some retailers
  • However, there still many examples of poor and misleading labelling
  • Significant improvements in labelling of branded products – 70% now carry a specific country of origin statement (up from 47% in 2006)
  • 70% of all products surveyed feature a specific country of origin statement on pack
  • For fresh pork, the vast majority of packs carry specific country of origin information
  • There is less clear information available on processed products


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