The Code of Practice for the
labelling of pork and pork products

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What is the Code of Practice?

The voluntary Code of Practice calls for the country of origin of the pork used in pork products to be clearly displayed on labelling.

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Why has it been launched?

The Code of Practice was drawn up to provide the pig meat supply chain with a set of guidelines to help them produce clear, consistent and unambiguous labelling on all pork and pork products.

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What is the benefit to the trade?

Retailers and foodservice operators who sign up to the scheme will be able to provide consumers with even greater confidence in the pork products they purchase.

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This website will be an invaluable tool in empowering shoppers to make an informed choice when it comes to pork - RSPCA


The NFWI supports consumer choice, and the Code of Practice signifies an important step towards clear and accurate
food labelling that allows shoppers to make informed choices about the food they are buying.