Consumers consider a range of factors when choosing pork and pork products from menus.  Research shows that people – whether they are eating in the workplace, in a restaurant or in a pub – want clear and unambiguous labelling so that they have the ability to make an informed choice.  In the case of pork and pork products consumers are particularly interested in country of origin, pig production terms – such as free range – and the use of breed names. 

The principal aim of the Code of Practice is to ensure that foodservice operators clearly display the country of origin of pork and pork products used within a given dish ideally on menus, or on accompanying literature, a company website or upon request.

The key elements of the Code of Practice for foodservice operators include:

  • Foodservice outlets will make origin information and descriptions readily available to customers on menus, or on accompanying literature, a company website or upon request
  • The use of terminology and descriptions relating to origin will be clear and unambiguous
  • Where the term “local” is used it will be clearly defined either on the menu, in accompanying literature or on a company website
  • Technical terms that imply geographical origin will be accompanied by an origin declaration of equal prominence

The real benefit of the Code for foodservice operators is in providing easier, more informed choice for customers.

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Q. Will branded pork products be covered?
A. It is open to all manufacturers of branded pork products...