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The Pig Task Force was brought together in 2009 by Defra

and chaired by the Minister for Farming and the Environment.

Its main aim was to help secure the long term future of the

British pig meat industry.

The Task Force focused on helping the whole supply chain

to thrive in a way that is sustainable in the long term. It

comprised key representatives from all parts of the pig

meat supply chain to increase collaboration in the pursuit of

enhanced benefits to all.

The Task Force examined areas of concern including

labelling, public sector procurement, pig health, welfare,

environmental performance and better communications

throughout the supply chain.

Specific projects undertaken by the Task Force included:

Establishing a labelling Code of Practice with

retailers and caterers

Making significant progress on improving pig health

and welfare

Further increase in the level of public sector

procurement of pork and bacon products that meet

British welfare standards

Improved processes that achieve affordable regulatory

goals, especially with regard to the environment

Enhanced levels of co-operation, integration and

communication throughout supply chain

Under its Terms of Reference, the Task Force aimed

to improve the resilience of the pig meat supply chain

through increased collaboration and achieving best practice

throughout the chain.

Task Force members included:

Jim Fitzpatrick MP, Minister of State, Defra

Stewart Houston, NPA

Mick Sloyan, BPEX

Richard Lister, JC Lister Farms Ltd

Susan Knox, Consumer in Europe Group

Barney Kay, NPA

Bernard Hoggarth, Cranswick Country Foods

John Hughes, Dalehead Foods

Bill Thurston, Vion Food International

Tricia Henton, Environment Agency

Simon Twigger, Sainsbury’s

Stan Burns, Tesco

Nick Scrase, Asda

Andrew Thornber, Morrisons

Ian Platt, Baxter Storey

Simon Galkoff, Whitbread Plc

Jan Anderson, Regional Development Agency

Adrian Dowling, Bowes of Norfolk

Task Force Labelling Sub-Group:

Mick Sloyan, BPEX

Susan Knox, Consumer in Europe Group

Simon Galkoff, Whitbread Plc

Lucas Daglish, Whitbread Plc

Sian Philpott, Tesco

Sue Henderson, Sainsbury’s

Chris Brown, Asda

Rob McFarlane, Prime Meats

Anil Kanani, Defra

Michael Wright, Food Standards Agency

Rob Smith, Vion Food Group